Single Stream, Single Stream,
It’s not green, it’s not clean,
It requires a HUGE machine!

Carbon footprint, carbon footprint, carbon footprint, CARBON FOOTPRINT!!
As consumers, we have power. We must shout from the highest tower,
“Single Use, it’s a Ruse!”
Bad news, bad news, bad news, bad news.

Be aware of that red flag,
When unassuming friends do brag, “I recycle everything.”
Be kind, be gentle, but do ask, “WHY?”
Recycling is not sustainable, and it’s NOT free.
It requires LOTS and LOTS of EN ER GY.

Carbon footprint, carbon footprint, carbon footprint, CARBON FOOTPRINT!!
Single stream may garner votes from innocent, unthinking folks.
Please do not park your brain at the curb with your recycle bin.
Rather start to think and spread the word, AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN.
I can reuse this (ceramic, stainless steel, glass) cup AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN
AND my endocrine system, it will not disrupt.

Careful, careful, don’t take the bait
And be fooled by words like PARTICIPATION RATE.
Another faux recycling version,
“We must talk about DIVERSION”

This clever attempt to gain control of our RESOURCE stream,
Is a collection method called SINGLE STREAM.

Single stream, single stream
It’s not green and it’s not clean.
It is in fact, very mean.
Mean to recycling workers, Mother Earth, remanufacturers, and the next 7 Generations.
It’s a disconnector. Disconnecting us consumers from our thoughtless consumption habits,
And from the entire recycling process. Let’s be clear, it’s a mess!

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