Meet Louise Mann

A former school teacher, Waste Reduction Resources founder, Louise G. Mann began promoting “beyond the bin” waste reduction/recycling concepts in the late 1980s. Even if your community is using curbside collection Louise advocates you add complementary drop off centers. Her vision of drop off centers is that they be welcoming community centers engaging citizens in comprehensive environmental stewardship.

Though retired, Louise remains committed to the concept of welcoming, park-like, family friendly educational drop-off centers. View Recycle Signal in the Drop Off section to learn more about this cost effective approach to clean recycling.

An outspoken advocate for more hands on citizen engagement in waste reduction/recycling programs, Mann is pushing to see citizens reclaim their recyclable resources and obtain direct communication with re-manufacturers/end-users, the companies making new products from recyclables.

After decades of observing collected recyclables becoming more and more contaminated, Louise initiated, co-wrote and testified for the Recycling Accountability House Resolution 1043 which was successfully passed by the 2013 Arkansas House of Representatives. You can view AR HR 1043 HERE.

Over the years Mann has worked with federal and local government agencies as well as non-profit organizations. Louise loves talking trash, especially with those willing to “think beyond the recycle bin”.


“It was a pleasure working with Louise getting AR HR 1043 passed in the AR House of Representatives. I appreciate Louise’s efforts in the recycling transparency/accountability movement.”

Arkansas Representative Greg Leding

“When I look back at the amazing and productive years I spent with Louise Mann as she envisioned and created Recycle Signal, I am beyond grateful to have had the privilege of working with her. Her work ethic, attention to detail, and people skills were the cornerstone of this uniquely successful effort. Her passion for and knowledge about waste reduction/recycling inspired not only those of us who worked with her on Recycle Signal but an entire community.

Louise knew that education was the key to sustaining the community’s interest in and commitment to recycling. She developed a curriculum for grades K-4 that was taught monthly by volunteers. Parents and students alike benefited from these lessons.

Recycle Signal was a vibrant, inclusive center of community pride, activity and involvement. When Louise moved away and without her expertise and inspiration, the center lost that special quality. Signal Mountain lost something very special when we lost Louise Mann.”

Louisa Mesich
Retired Teacher, Exceptional/Gifted
Chattanooga (TN) School for the Arts and Sciences

“For over a decade Louise has been an ally of climate change action, donating both her time and resources. For our first fundraiser, she didn’t just encourage us to go waste free, she showed up with 100 reusable plates, eating utensils, cups, wine glasses, cloth napkins, and water pitchers. THEN she took it all away to be washed. This inspired our group to go waste free at all subsequent fundraisers. Our planning now includes teams to wash dishes. This visual hands-on opportunity teaches our volunteers and attendees to take personal responsibility in reducing waste, rather than thinking recycling is the end all. Louise Mann walks the talk!”

Dr. Robert J. McAfee, Treasurer
Arkansas Citizens Climate Lobby

Contact Louise

Mann is available on a very limited basis for consulting. Click HERE to send Louise a message.


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