Recycling Should Be Your Last Resort

The origins of recycling may surprise you. If you understand them you will understand the devolution of this once honest enterprise. From the article below, “In the early ’60s, big soda manufacturers realized that the cost of the bottle, and cleaning it,...

Tis the Season to Make Memories, Not Garbage

When choosing gifts, please think about items that do not require an incinerator, a landfill, OR a recycling center. Better yet, give experiences like a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, local farmer’s market, movie theater, symphony, spa, etc. Make...

Plastic Levels High in the Tennessee River

The plastic problem is not just in the ocean, it’s also in our rivers. See the email I received from Marge Davis on October 12, 2018: Wednesday, Dr Andreas Fath of Germany was in Chattanooga to announce the results of his 2017 swim of the Tennessee River. The...

From whom are you getting your recycling advice?

SO, Little Rock took recycling advice from a corporation (Waste Management, Inc.) financially dependent on citizens continually generating waste. Uh huh, what other cities get their recycling advice from garbage haulers? Maybe it would be smarter to take recycling...

Hats Off to Kroger for Getting Rid of Plastic Bags!!

Why wait? Bigger kudos to those stores that get rid of the bags today! Shoppers we have power…spend your money with those stores that are serious about sustainability. Read the full article at The Global Citizen.

Oregon landfills 23,000,000 pounds of single stream recycling!

Yo, Fayetteville Taxpayers: Aren’t you glad our recycle trucks have segregated compartments, so our recyclables stay sorted and marketable? Read “23 million pounds of recyclables dumped in Oregon landfills” in the Statesman Journal.

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