1. They abandoned common sense and trashed their valuable recyclable resources with single stream.
2. They gave control to a major corporation that is financially dependent on continual generation of waste, rather than making recycling the third of the Three Rs.
3. Do you think Boston has a recycling accountability/transparency ordinance? Do citizens really know what is being recycled, landfilled, incinerated?
4. Collection of recyclables is fast becoming a monopoly-like business with all the high tech equipment needed (to try) to sort and clean up the single stream mess.
5. Bottom line, monopolies can charge whatever the heck they want. Single stream is a gateway to monopoly control of your recyclable resources.

Soooooo, what’s the surprise?

…and in case you missed the guest column in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, it’s a good primer for those interested in learning the truth about trash and recycling:

If you really care about restoring this planet for future generations, get a recycling transparency law passed in your community ASAP. Learn more about it from the resolution below: