Drop-Off Center

End Users

What’s this picture got to do with getting
clean materials?

If you want high quality materials from curbside and/or drop-off center recycling, then you must give citizens ownership in their Three-R program.

The design direction of the recycling center pictured here was determined by the concept that the collection facility must reflect caring.

If a place looks like a dump, people stop caring. The drop off center needs to exude caring, commitment, conservation, and community. That sense of caring will result in citizens wanting to provide mills with clean materials.

The high participation rates and minimal contamination rates at the pictured drop off center can be attributed to the continual education program for all ages. This community had twice/weekly garbage collection. There were no financial incentives for participating in recycling.

To increase commitment for clean materials, citizens need to feel invested in their Three R program. They need to take part in designing, building and maintaining their center as well as participating in an on-going education program for all ages.

Recycling programs can be simple, cost effective and provide end-users/re-manufacturers with high quality materials if citizens are invested, rather then bribed.