Burning Is Not Recycling

13 Feb 2022

There are different ways to “divert” stuff from the landfill. Use discernment when listening to someone brag about waste “diversion”. United States Environmental Protection Agency defines recycling as “collecting and processing materials, that would otherwise be thrown away as trash, and turning them into new products.”


That means the new products re-enter the market place to be sold. Properly collected aluminum cans can be made into new aluminum cans. Glass, back into glass. Paper, back into paper. #1 plastic bottles can become carpet or fleecy sportswear. #2 plastic bottles can become decking lumber. When you burn stuff up, it’s finished, it can’t re-enter the market place.

The Brew Bag

How about a cottage industry that turns the empty malt bags from Chattanooga, TN breweries into reusable shopping bags? I own a “Brew Bag”, made from a malt bag from a Chattanooga brewery. A kind, creative friend, who makes reusable shopping bags from feed sacks, made a prototype for me.


Wouldn’t it be great to see less plastic bag litter along roadsides? Imagine a locally owned industry that employees local people to make “Brew Bags”? I’m still using reusable bags I bought 20, 30 years ago. The Brew Bag pattern is free for the asking.



Louise Mann

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