The good news! China has banned America’s contaminated single stream mess. The bad news… the single stream messes are now being shipped to other developing countries that have weak, or no, child labor and environmental laws. Single stream was initiated garbage haulers, an industry dependent on our continual waste generation. End-users, the companies trying to make new products from our recyclables, need clean sorted feedstock from our recycling programs.

If you are not giving end-users high quality feedstock they can use, your recycling program is a sham. Rather than putting U.S. recycling workers in a position of getting fired for telling the truth about “faux” recycling programs, why not set up the accountability and transparency measures that create an environment of stringent and continuous checks and balances?

To get ideas about how to do that visit our Single Stream page at, and scroll down to “SOLUTIONS“. Start the new year right, by taking control of your recyclable resources and creating transparent collection programs. Let’s recycle with integrity in 2018!


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