Plastic Recycling or Pollution?

3 Feb 2022

Not everyone is thrilled about “more plastic recycling!” Macon-Bibb County, GA Mayor Lester Miller recently said no thank you to plastic recycling company, Brightmark. Concerned citizens raised questions about potential air and water pollution resulting from the pyrolysis process. “If it costs you more energy, more waste, more pollution to get there, it’s simply not worth it for us,” said Miller.



According to the Beyond Plastics, October 2021 Report, The New Coal, “the plastic industry’s devastating impact on our climate is taking place under the radar, with little public scrutiny and even less government accountability.” Until now that is.



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking action. Plastic and chemical plants can expect unannounced inspections. EPA Administrator Regan says that air monitoring equipment will be installed to help enforce environmental regulations. Regan also notes that often times chemical and plastic plants end up in poor communities, communities of color. There is a notably high rate of cancer in the communities with plastic and chemical plants.



While some plastics are necessary, many are not. Please stop buying produce in plastic boxes, please shop with a reusable bag. Please rethink all of your purchases that involve plastic. Thank you.


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