This email was sent to Fayetteville, AR mayor on March 21, 2018. Reading this means you are not afraid to look beyond your recycling bin and think about how your consumer habits affect your brothers and sister who live in your community, as well as around the world. Thank you for having the courage to think. Louise Mann

I certainly hope the Fayetteville public is not being led to believe the China ban of America’s trashed recycling has nothing to do with Fayetteville. In fact we are a significant player in this game. How so?

Fayetteville has the lowest contamination rate of most any other community in the whole darn country.

America’s recycling got trashed with single stream. Contamination rates skyrocketed with single stream. America went from clean, transparent programs run by citizen volunteers (who had direct contact with the end-users) to programs run by private companies that aren’t subject to FOIA. Companies that cut off communication between end-users and citizens.

Instead of implementing curbside programs with trough trucks (reducing back strain and repetitive motion syndrome), most municipalities turned over control of their valuable recyclable resources to private garbage haulers. Thus, valuable recyclable resources came to be handled just like garbage, tossed all together in a single compartment truck.

City councils, city staff, and city committees have a responsibility to perform due diligence. Guess that didn’t happen in Fort Smith. They still don’t even have a recycling accountability/transparency resolution, much less a legally binding ordinance. Every community needs a recycling transparency/accountability ORDINANCE.

Hopefully EAC members have taken it upon themselves to sign up for free online information from Waste Dive, Resource Recycling, and other trade journals. Hopefully they are making note of who advertises in those publications. Who butters the bread of single stream advocates?

Lioneld, I know you want the whole truth and not partial truth, to be told to the public. Will you please be sure all EAC and city council members get a copy of the RESOURCE RECYCLING February 2017 article, in which Fayetteville was highlighted, and praised for keeping glass separate? Some municipal recycling contracts were secured by private companies, telling people they could toss all recycling together, i.e. single stream……then oops, when the glass industry spoke up saying single stream contaminated glass, guess which item has been pulled all together from many programs around the country? Pulled by the very companies who secured accounts by making recycling so convenient with single stream? Would it be the same industry whose profit margin depends on continual waste generation, rather than waste reduction? Were citizens told about the water, energy, and pollution savings that come from recycling glass? Or were they given the greenwash version that glass isn’t worth recycling?

Here are more articles for those who haven’t dropped their brain into the recycle bin, for those who know it is unrealistic to think the planet will survive if SEVEN billion people consume resources at the same rate as Americans. Who will lose if we reuse? Who wins when we waste? 

And which developing countries will now be polluted, since China has gotten interested in cleaning up their environment?  Upon whose shores will America’s nasty single stream recycling land now? And which American communities will end up with incinerators and massive landfills cleverly labelled by the “progressives” as WTE’s and energy sources?


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