Welcome to the NEW Good News Gallery!

Welcome to the Good News Gallery, where we’ll share stories and pictures to inspire and remind you that one person CAN make a difference!

Feel Good Story

We could all use a good story right about now, and here is one to brighten your day. Jake Bland has dual roles at his job at Hometown Hauling, a refuse collection company in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s the operations manager and he’s also on the truck picking up his...

National Legislation to Include Bottle Bill!!

BREAKING: Groundbreaking Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act launches! From 5gyres.org, “Senator Udall (D-NM) and Representative Lowenthal (D-CA) introduce groundbreaking legislation that tackles the plastic pollution crisis head on. The act calls for a...
Make Memories, not Garbage this Holiday Season!

Make Memories, not Garbage this Holiday Season!

We are providing both the HOW TO guide and tub signs for your waste-free event. Just download the document below for instructions and pointers on hosting a waste-free event, which includes the tub signs you may need for the event!  

We Also Have a Mindless Consumption Problem

For more than a year, Karen Jenner has visited Nova Scotia’s beaches two or three times a week. But the Canadian’s visits to the Bay of Fundy haven’t all been for fun. Jenner has been on the hunt — for plastic. Read the full story at the Global Citizen: This Woman...

Where We Spend Our Money Creates the Society in Which we Live

College students in America helped end apartheid when they held sit-ins on college campuses, demanding that the trustees divest from South African companies that supported apartheid. If we want companies to clean up their environmental act we can sign petitions and...

Maine Becomes First State to Ban Styrofoam Food Containers

Big changes are on the way in daily waste behaviors: “Maine became the first state to ban food containers made of polystyrene, commonly known as styrofoam, on April 30 when Gov. Janet Mills signed legislation sponsored by State Rep (D) Stanley Zeigler.”...

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