National Geographic: The Death of the Plastic Straw

National Geographic reports on a growing trend: Hotels, resorts, safaris, and cruises are increasingly banning plastic straws. In the United States, we dispose of millions of plastic straws each day. In the U.K., at least 4.4 billion straws are estimated to be thrown...

If You Build It, You Must Feed It

Beware of building BIG facilities. When you do, you must justify their existence, financially. That means you gotta promote more consumption instead of less. A seriously sustainable program encourages individuals to take personal responsibility for their consumption...

Better For The Planet

These are simple things you can change in your everyday life that can help save the planet! 

Recycling Kid

A 7-year-old earns $21K by recycling, as found on Facebook. With kids like this, there IS hope for the future! 

Welcome to the NEW Good News Gallery!

Welcome to the Good News Gallery, where we’ll share stories and pictures to inspire and remind you that one person CAN make a difference!

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