About Waste Reduction Resources

Owner, Louise Mann

     A former public school teacher, Mann began promoting “beyond the bin” waste reduction/recycling concepts in the late 1980s. As an advocate for hands on, citizen engagement, in waste reduction/recycling programs, Mann encourages communities to reclaim their recyclable resources and treat them as assets.

      After decades of observing collected recyclables becoming more and more contaminated, Louise initiated, co-wrote and testified for the Recycling Accountability House Resolution 1043 which was successfully passed by the 2013 Arkansas House of Representatives. Click here to view HR 1043

     Over the years Mann has worked with federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as non-profit organizations. Though retired, Louise remains an advocate for transparent, educational, park-like, family friendly drop-off centers that provide end-users with high quality, valuable, feedstock, and programs that keep recycling workers safe.


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