2021 California Legislation

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State Recycling Transparency Resolution

Arkansas HR 1043

     Because of the decrease of transparency, and increase in contamination regarding recycling programs Louise Mann initiated AR HR 1043. It’s a simple, good start in getting voters to think about the need for transparency in recycling programs.

Draft for Municipal Recycling Transparency Ordinance

 Because AR HR 1043 did not accomplish what Louise Mann had hoped for, she began creating drafts ordinances that would. The industry is in constant so flux so she will make changes to the draft as needed.

View the Draft here

California Recycling Label and Export Law

      From Resource Recycling “SB 343 enacts stringent criteria producers must meet to use the “chasing arrows” symbol on their plastic packaging in California, as well as other recyclability labeling rules. AB 881 reclassifies mixed plastics exported from the U.S. as “disposal” rather than “recycling,” for the purposes of the state’s recycling requirements. Local programs that see their mixed scrap plastics exported will not be able to count that quantity toward their diversion mandates.”

Maine and Oregon, Extended Producer Responsibility Laws

      From Resource Recycling “EPR legislation identifies what products will be covered under the program. When it comes to EPR for packaging, states often define covered products by function, material or format. Maine’s new EPR law characterizes packaging material by its function: for the containment, protection, delivery, presentation, or distribution of a product. The definition in the Oregon bill is more specific and calls out certain material types: paper, plastic, glass, metal or a mixture of materials.” Complete article…

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Right to Repair


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