Bad News, Good News

6 June 2023

Bad News—– 120 cracker plants are planned for the Texas/Louisiana coasts. From Sierra Club article below…”An important component of gas and a byproduct of oil refinery operations, ethane is an odorless hydrocarbon that, when heated to an extremely high temperature to “crack” its molecules apart, produces ethylene”. Ethylene is turned into nurdles, tiny petro pellets which are used to make plastic products like bags, shower curtains, etc.


Good News—–Former NYCity mayor Bloomberg has donated $85 million to stop the cracker plants.


To learn more about cracker plants and sacrifice zones see the Sierra Club magazine article.


Shell agrees to pay $10 million for pollution at PA cracker plant.


The United Nations wrapped up Global Plastic Pollution Treaty talks on June 2nd.


Greenpeace weighs in with a new report on plastics.


The recent Federal Trade Commission discussion on Green Guidelines highlights the problem with plastics.


And for those readers proficient in German, a new book on the addition to plastic.


We must rethink which plastics are necessary and which are not, because plastic production is toxic and hurting communities that do not have the means to fight for clean, air, water, and soil. Thank you for reading.

Bad News, Good News

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