Plastic Production Hurts Human and Planetary Health

3 November 2022

The United Nations Global Plastic Pollution Treaty Talks begin in November. Citizens in less developed countries have had enough of the U.S. making our addiction to convenience a higher priority than human and planetary health.


As I watched the documentary The Story of Plastic I was mortified to see how our addiction to convenience has devastated other countries. Those who profit when we make waste have done an exceptional job of dumbing down the U.S. population. We’ve been led to believe that our current rate of consumption is just fine as long as there is a recycling outlet for all our waste. Consume and toss is the mantra of those who profit when we make waste.


Our attention has been diverted from the fact that the production of plastic comes with great cost to human and planetary health. Those 120 cracker plants planned for the Texas and LA coasts will go into communities where the population is dark skinned and poor. Please get educated about this before buying the baloney that more plastic production/recycling is a good idea.


Elect people who will actively promote reduction, reuse, repair, refill, before recycling. Elect people who will pass recycling transparency laws ASAP.

Bad News, Good News

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