Plastics Beware! Litigation is Coming.

18 November 2022

During the COVID years I consumed more take-out meals than usual. As I prepare to move, I’m confronted with a pantry shelve filled with plastic take-out containers. There is no away, so when these containers leave the Signal Mountain Transfer Station they will set, forever, in Dekalb County, Alabama.


Some folks are fired up about “more plastic recycling,” but not those of us who delve deeply into waste reduction/recycling issues. We see the greenwash. Since cars and utilities are switching from fossil fuels to renewables, Big Oil/Gas needs a new market, like making more single-use plastics.


Kristina Marusic reports, “A new study warns investors and insurers that plastic pollution is costing society $100 billion per year and litigation is coming.” We’re just beginning to understand the devastating effects of fracking, cracker plants, plastic production and disposal.


Signal Mountain restaurants need a central rewash facility. All the restaurants could use stainless steel take-out containers. Customers would pay a deposit for those containers, and get their money back upon returning them. The empty building just past the post office would be perfect for a drive by, drop off/rewash facility. What a great business opportunity for some local, entrepreneurial environmentalist.


Bad News, Good News

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