Single-Use is a Ruse, Plastic That Is

10 December 2022

Bridget Janis of Plastic News reported this week that the two largest cities in California have passed laws that limit single-use plastics. Los Angeles and San Diego passed bans that include cups, containers and other polystyrene products.


Christy Leavitt, Oceana’s plastic campaign director said, “As the two largest cities in California, Los Angeles and San Diego have the power to put a notable dent in the state’s plastic footprint while sending a clear message to the rest of the country.”


While naive folks think more plastic recycling is a good thing, others realize the havoc increased plastic production has caused across the globe, not just in our oceans. This week the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) concluded the first intergovernmental committee meeting (INC-1) to negotiate the terms of an internationally legally binding plastics pollution treaty.


Because it will be legally binding, the table was crowded with stakeholders, those whose countries are being trashed, those concerned about the ocean, those concerned with the toxicity of plastic production and disintegration. As consumers we play a role, stop buying unnecessary single-use plastic. Get membership in Community Supported Agriculture to eliminate plastic produce packaging. Shop at local farmers’ markets. And pass recycling transparency laws.



Bad News, Good News

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